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รหัสสินค้า 97819-1049 รุ่นสินค้า VENGE
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รุ่นปี สี BLACK/BLACK
กลุ่มสินค้า ROAD ขนาด 49
ยี่ห้อสินค้า SPECIALIZED

It was seven years ago that we created the Venge and our Aero is Everything' mantra. In its newest iteration, the Venge Pro maintains the aero ideology we first set out with and retains its crown as the fastest road bike on the planet. We didn't stop at improving the aerodynamics however, and while the bike is a significant 8 seconds faster than the ViAS, the biggest improvements came in the weight department the module weight of the Venge Pro has sunk by a massive 460 grams.

Unlike its forbears, the new 2019 version wasn't born in the Win Tunnel. Instead it started with a new bit of tech that we at Specialized are all very excited about, the FreeFoil Shape Library. Our engineers created a plethora of new airfoil shapes, all with different weights, surface areas and structural targets on an-actual-real-life-supercomputer. With so many different shapes to choose from, we were then able to test many different configurations in the Win Tunnel before we finally settled on the perfect combo the super-speedy Venge Pro.

The Venge Pro isn't just 8 seconds faster than the ViAS over 40km in our in-house Win Tunnel, it's also faster out there on the road too, no matter the conditions. It isn't all about the aerodynamics with the new Venge, because while we still believe that aero is everything, we understand the fine balance between weight and aerodynamics and how they play a crucial role in performance. We needed to find the perfect balance between these two aspects, the goldilocks zone' if you will. It couldn't be too light as that would make the bike suffer on all terrains other than the climbs. And it couldn't be too heavy as you'd then struggle to lug the beast over the steeper hills. So, where did we shave the 460 grams from the ViAS Well, the biggest came from the frame, 250g, and the cockpit, 107g, as well as smaller savings from the fork (25g), seatpost (25g) and other, smaller components (63g).

The new Venge isn't just light, it's also extremely stiff. With a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio and a massive 40% more compliance than its ViAS predecessor, the Venge is a monster accelerator and can get up to top speeds almost instantaneously. Not to mention it can also soak up all those nasty bumps and potholes with its increased compliance.

We didn't just stop at the aerodynamics and weight of the bike, oh no, the geometry of the machine also received a revamp. Using 40,000 Retl data points and input from our pro riders, we were able to create a Performance Road Geometry that harmoniously blends a shorter wheelbase with a very responsive and nimble front-end. The result is a bike that delivers an instantaneous response and optimal power transfer with each pedal stroke, perfect for accelerating out of the saddle with speed and stable confidence.

The new Aerofly II cockpit is an integrated, modular system that boasts flexibility and customisation that other integrated cockpits just cannot match. A super-stiff stem and new, lighter, stiffer and textured bars for extra grip and control complete the cockpit. We've also added clearance for up to 32mm-wide tyres for those riders looking to increase their level of comfort even further. Finally, a Shimano A-Junction sits nestled in the seat post making it extremely easy to charge and check battery levels of your Di2, as well as allow easy access for a little bit of home tinkering.

Blending performance with value, the Venge Pro manages to shave a massive 3,250 from the price tag of its S-Works sibling, while only sacrificing a 350g weight increase. The Pro is a top-end aero road machine, featuring the crisp shifting Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset complete with hydraulic disc brakes, a carbon fibre Roval CL50 Disc wheelset and a pair of S-Works Turbo tyres the same tyres that boosted Peter Sagan to World Championship glory.