Part number : 60117-7242
฿3,190.00 ประหยัด ฿1,290
รหัสสินค้า 60117-7242 รุ่นสินค้า PROPERO
ประเภทสินค้า ACCESSORIES รุ่นสินค้า (ย่อย) 3 CE
รุ่นปี สี WHITE
กลุ่มสินค้า HELMETS ขนาด S
ยี่ห้อสินค้า SPECIALIZED

You don't want to have to buy more than one helmet to accommodate all of the different types of riding that you are partial too so why not get one that caters to all disciplines? That helmet is the new Specialized Airnet Helmet.

With a clean and simple design that is packed full of a plethora of features normally only found on top-end models, the Airnet is the ideal helmet for the 21st century bike rider.

This flexibility stems from Specialized's highly adaptable and protective Composite Matrix skeleton. This advanced construction technique not only enhances safety, but also allows for larger vents and the 4th Dimension Cooling System with larger and deeper vents for greater airflow.

For the fit, Specialized have utilised their Mindset micro-dial system, which allows you to fine-tune your fit for a bespoke level of comfort every time you hit the road or trail.

Also dramatically enhancing comfort are the Drirelease merino wool pads, which not only provide a supple cushioning for your head but also wick moisture away from your skin with odour-free ease.

Further adding to the moisture management within the Airnet is the 4X DryLite webbing. This system provides all-encompassing head encapsulation for a greater level of comfort without stifling you.

Specialized's ultra-comfortable Tri-Fix web splitter allows for easy strap adjustment and a soft feeling that will have you quickly forgetting you are wearing a strap at all.

Other neat touches include vent grippers for your glasses, reflective detailing and instrap webbing; proving that Specialized really did throw all of their research and development weight behind this super helmet.